Mountain climbing.

Oh am I proud to be studying at NSS College of Engineering! A ten minutes walk from our hostel and there stand the mighty mountains in all their majestic splendor just waiting to be conquered by you. Not many have the experience of climbing a mountain for their evening walks. And I’m glad I’m one among those who have that gratifying moments of enjoying entire Palakkad standing on top of the world!

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The walk to the base of the mountains itself is glorious. Passing a tree cave made by the overlapping branches of the rubber trees from both sides of the way surely brings out the human in you. You feel your heart yearning for something that it has been missing. True beauty lifts its veil for a while so that those who look can see beholding what lies beneath all the lies that we believe to be true. It is the moment where we actually realize that there is more to all the things around you. It is the moment when you realize that these are not to be taken for granted.

A poem that one of my friends wrote during our first year comes to mind… I would like to quote it here:

Rubber trees abundant all around,

lush greenery soothing your troubled mind,

the lonely woody and windy paths,

bringing back your memories alive,

leading me to a world of nothingness, but just me.

Innocent people, innocent minds,

drawing me to a world of love and hope.

The pleasant breeze on my face.

The living river flowing like pearls,

the life around, exciting me beyond reasons!

How I would like to be there…

just even for one day,

to feel the nature again,

and me again, who is lost in this wild world…

~ Written by Afaf Banu.

It is the experience of a lifetime. No plans to be made, no trips to be organized, no money to be spent, no formalities to be kept… You just walk straight on and start climbing. Free nature all around. Oh how blind we all are!

Of course, you can’t go running up a mountain. No sir!! You have to climb it. Holding and placing your feet carefully. And you become tired too.

But with every small portion that you climb, something starts coming your way. And what is that you ask? One, the majestic sight!! No high resolution pictures that you can put in any wide, wide screen monitors will come close to what meets your eyes once you have climbed half way through. Photos don’t do justice to what you behold!

But that’s not all…

The wind! Oh my dear lord!!! The lovely wind that blows at you!! You can breathe and breathe and breathe and never exhale! Of course, that might be stupid, but hope you get the idea.

On top of the world!

All the tiredness that you feel while climbing just washes away in a singe moment once the wind greets your face. You feel like a bird soaring over the skies. You feel like spreading your arms and letting go of yourself. To leave everything to fate and finally fly away freely…

The nipple point still remains to be conquered. One more year left and our strength and spirits are only growing harder and stronger. We will do it.

But that’s not all. What do you do when you finally do something hard? The child within comes out and we shout “Hooray!!”, And that’s what we did in the end too!

We did jump on a mountain!

Man, my mom is going to kill me! 😀 😛

I love her. 🙂


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