The helping hand.

There are times when a small gesture is all that you need. It might not be clearly defined or anything, but you know it once it happens. And you know what’s the most loveliest thing about it? It happens! And you feel good thinking about it.

Different people have different ways of enjoying a journey. Some enjoy the entire trip looking all around them and some enjoy just the sitting in the vehicle.

I come under the second part. And I sleep through almost a good part of the journey. Its really nice to sleep. Trust me. With the wind blowing on your face and the rocking of the vehicle that makes you feel like you’re rocking in a cradle…. Ahhh… Your eyes just close automatically. 🙂

Anyway, on the evening of 17th, Friday, I boarded the bus to my home and I slept, obviously. My partner Jinu was with me and he sat by my side.

After a while I got serious. Sleeping on a bus isn’t fun, you know? Its an art. And I was pretty good at it. So when I got serious, I had no clue what was happening around me. I had this vague notion of my head banging against something. I’d wake up a bit and sit straight again. Then AGAIN I go back to banging. But the thing I was banging on seemed extremely comfortable and it eased my sleep.

I woke up after a while and saw that he was already awake. His left hand was tightly gripped on the handle of the front seat. He looked at me and gave me a weird smile. That was enough for me to understand the situation. 🙂


It was a small and not all that important gesture. But as I said in the beginning, things like these are those which makes you feel good. 🙂


Hey! What do you think? Share your thoughts. :)

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