“That’s it. No more pleasure before work. And oh boy will it be a pleasure to have that homework done. Let’s go work on a snowman!”

Calvin said that. And aren’t we all the same? I don’t know about you folks but I relate to that title very much. There’s a 3-page, 6-panel each story before Calvin says that, but to know that, you have to read it. 🙂

Even though we don’t shout it out aloud, we always prefer instant gratification and fun over studies or hard work. (Of course I’ve seen a few squishgmpers who study all the time, but that is Susie, Calvin’s arch-nemesis!)

Even if it is writing one’s blog when his project isn’t complete yet or even if it is playing Street Fighter IV (awesome game) when you have an exam on the day after, everything amounts to what the little guy says.

Where the heck are we going to get discipline from? To sit on something and do it? Is it that tough to attain it?

Yeah well, no point in getting philosophical I guess.

And its hard work writing this blog!


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