In the marsh.

Sunk in the marsh, I see what lies beneath. Nothing has life anymore. I’m dead and so are the things I perceive. I see people talk, I see people laugh. But everything is just a lie to me. I walk around. I see things around me. The green grass and trees are not green to me anymore. In no words I find respite. In nothing do I feel the reality. Everything floats. The aim, the goal, the meaning, the path… I blaze a trail no more. I follow the path that has already been laid. I find no power, no work, no force heals those wounds events inflict upon you. Once you feel the pain, you’re afraid to even be near such an event again. You isolate yourself. No matter how fast you heal a scar you have on your hand, a smell, a scenery, a few words… They always bring back what you never want to remember…

I always thought I was a fool in seeing meaning in those Wolverine comics that I used to read when I was a kid. But now I see not everything was a fluke to make money. I can now relate to something.

Oh Lord… Forgive us for humans we are.

Responsibilities lie ahead…

Thoughts and emotions, I find them a luxury.


One thought on “In the marsh.

  1. This is the worst part. Sometimes, you wake up in the morning and you can’t exactly recall what happened. You ask yourself, “Did someone die? Why the hell am I feeling this way?”.
    Then it strikes. Then the sinking starts. Then you become mute and invisible to the world for a reason they can never understand 🙂

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