A rain of dream

The drops falling from high heaven above,

     splatters into a thousand pieces when it hits the ground.

It seems like a thousand shattered dreams,

     broken by a single blow.


10 thoughts on “A rain of dream

  1. and not son of a………ahem……

    The drops falling from high above,

    hides her tears racing down her solemn face..

    Attire of one who once knew love,

    her heart now filled with fear, and hate ablaze..

    The drops falling from high above,

    washed away the footprints, where he once stood,

    Calling out for her to come out and play..

    why the rain drops,she never understood…

    Had she seen him again,not in a coffin,

    she would have made him his favorite muffin..

    Loved them,he always did,his dog wagging

    its tail tailing him through the meadows and paddy..

    Silence creeping in through them, once full of joyous screams…

    now that hes gone…

    but, why the sense of sadness here?

    • Dude, don’t put creations like this as replies. Post it without remorse on your blog. And I have to take lessons from you on writing a poem. 🙂
      And what is actually meant by that question at the end?

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