They made my day.

First of all, the guys of my class!

Aj – The treasurer.

Arjun – Master blaster.

Bose – The CS compiler. 😀

Chellappan, Ponnappan – Mr. Smile and Mr. CS respectively.

Usbu –  A brother to me.

GKV – A singer and thinker.

Gori – Just like me. 🙂

Haresh – The pure, perfect, crystal clear veg.

Jansheed – The hot boy. 😛

Jayan – My neighbour and the cool one.

Kannan – Raw power.

Kunjunj – The experimenter.

Reppayi – Microprocessor (A very big one though :P)

Panju – Sports? Look no further.

Rahul – The biggest programmer among us. 🙂

Rambo Jinu – JH spice chairman, CEO, secretary, peon, sweeper and what all bloody titles there are left. 😀

Rithwik – Mr. Personality.

Sabareesh – Life is cool.


Mansoor and Shahjahan. My MIC hostel roommates when I was repeating for entrance.

Arjun Vishnu and Deepu. My neighbours.

Shibin, Najeeb and Riyas. My hostelmates.

Shabeeb. My roommate.


Hashim. My childhood friend my classmate and now my senior. He’s the best. God bless him. 🙂 🙂


Also with the blessings of Manu Mohan (who worked really hard but just couldn’t make it),  Revathy (who actually called me up on April 12th!!), Don, Afaf, Pretty, Namitha, Poornima and Varun (miss him). My classmates.

Also with the blessings of Ishaq (my neighbour and MIC hostelmate) and Anees (the guy with attitude 😛 . My college mate)

My sister’s wedding will be an everlasting one in my memory. To have done my part in it gives me a sense of responsibility and confidence. But what was lacking was given to me by everyone above. Especially those who took the trouble to come and bless the occasion.

It is sad that certain people whom I expected the most did not turn up. Also not even one of the girls in my class showed up. Not even those who were close to my home.

Well, but words can’t express the happiness I felt on seeing the gang that made to the legendary city EMC (Edappal Metropolitan City) and they made my day. 🙂

PS: I won’t be forgetting the way all of them ate in a hurry. 😀 😀

Here they are! :D

The dudes!!!

The wedding is over and I wait for the next time we can all be together for a celebration. 🙂


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