Nayeem Noor Mohammed.

The big guy (literally).

I got to hear about him during my first year at college. Here is the story. I really believe this post is worth writing.

One fine day evening Pradeep and Vimal (my hostel roomies, Electrical Department) had some news for me. It was Humanities seminar for them the last hour that day.

It was a girl’s seminar. Or rather, a female student’s seminar (just to avoid the riff raff 😉 ). The topic I don’t remember. But here we go.

At the ending of her seminar, she finally concluded up with the idea that females should also have freedom and something of the sort. On a small scale she pointed out the lack of need for females to wear the Purdah (a kind of black loose dress which covers up almost everything).

Confidently, she stopped and started going back to her place. Just as she was about to sit down….

(A music playing in the background and a bit of slow motion would be nice too… 😀 )

Naeem Noor Mohammed stands up.

“Ma’am”, says he, “I have a question.”

“Do ask son”, replied the teacher.

Naeem, facing the girl, begins.

Suppose you are walking through a ‘not so clean’ market. There are two apples with a street vendor. One covered and the other exposed to the flies and dust. My friend, I ask you… Which one will you take?”

The teacher jumped up from her place, “THAT IS THE QUESTION!!!”, she ejaculated.

The analogy sinked in pretty quick and there was much shouting and roaring. The class was dismissed.


Well, that is the story. And I simply loved the delivery. I was a great fan of his and I still am, realizing he is a man of many talents. Pradeep and Vimal calls me Noor. 🙂 Koushik to an extend too. I love them all. With lots of memories…


7 thoughts on “Nayeem Noor Mohammed.

    • You’re welcome to stick to your opinion. 🙂 Perhaps it would be nice if you could say why you feel it stupid… Maybe I missed something, but I really do feel the whole happening within frame and I can’t see any ‘Irrelevancy’.

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