If I say the following is a poem, I’d be doing a great injustice to the great poets who have walked the Earth. So just read it and take it as you feel.


Oh how I thought the bloomed Rose would stay the way that it was,

   enjoying its smell and company each and every day.

Its thorns would prick only once a while,

   which I mistook for hate.

But alas I saw that it was not so,

   and the Rose was fading out.

A sound from afar came into play telling me a thing,

   that a Rose is a life that is on a plant and it has its own life too.

It has to get the water and nourishment it needs,

    without which its root won’t stay in God’s Green Earth.

I look back now and see that how little water I’ve given it,

    it has started to fade, so now with all my life….

                                  I’m going to take care of it.


With love,

Dedicated to the Rose still clinging to life in my Garden…


3 thoughts on “Rose.

  1. Everyone comes across a special rose in their lives. Sometimes, they wither away, sometimes they are meant to blossom eternally. But then fate decides to make an entry. Then you’re screwed 🙂

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