When you by mistake stamp on quick sand… Or a marsh… You always realize it a bit too late… The terror of losing the very thing you love, your life, strikes your heart and you claw and do everything you can to get out from there… To regain the thing you love… But that only makes matters worse… You just keep going deep into it… Inch by inch.. You lose hope, you lose faith… You try to think of something but everything comes into your head together… You are dead, dead for sure… Unless, unless a helping hand, unexpected, comes and reaches for you. The hand pulls you out and gives you your most precious back… But in a marsh where no man dares to go, where will such a hand come from? Someone have to have followed you… Or someone must’ve been there close enough to hear your cry for help…


4 thoughts on “Marsh.

  1. 🙂 you made sure that you had that marsh with in a locked safe with a biometric password which is you bloody eye!! you must have had a close friend’s bloody eye with the alt password…and also a cry recognized by him wen you are in trouble..relax bro…for all you know, your friend had foreseen the suicide and might be there deep in the quagmire in his aqua lungs…he probably has a back door installed deep within all the muck…trust him…go through the muck…he will pull you out the other side…

  2. go deep into it without will definitely get a thin part of it from where you can swim easily to a different place from where you can make use of your own hands to get out of it..try hard to get that place..he may be waiting there for you..don’t disappoint him:)

  3. ha ha ha,wat where u doing at marsh in the first place, nobody asked u to go there,u bought this fate on ur selves :-p so keep suffering :-p

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