Sudden brakes are bad news.

Just because we’re not prepared for it. Whatever the journey be, whoever is doing the journey, sudden brakes just ruins it completely. Your heart gets thrown into your esophagus first, then your interior ventriculum upsets your bile secretions thereby fusing your brain momentarily. It takes a few seconds to fully realize what the hell happened and that happens only once you’re thrown back in your seat. But by that time, you’re back to your old state…

Now I assume that you’re wondering what’s with all the brakes and stuff… Thing is, college closed a certain day at noon just like that. Its vacation now and all my senses tell me that I’ll realize I’m in my vacation only when the college reopens. And by that time, you’ve already been thrown back into your seat. You’ll just have to resume the journey… No complaining. Just trust the driver.


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