The art of holding a CPU.

Today at first, my friend ponnappan AKA Sharat and me brought down the CPU, keyboard, mouse, power cable and  the projector, UPS, respectively, to class. (Feel free to comment on my unusual sentence constructions). He managed to hold onto the CPU as one holds on to their dear life sometimes..

After its use, me and one of my other friends, Manu, decided to put it back. On the way. he wasn’t much impressed by the construction of the CPU… He said, “How do you hold this stupid thing??”. I replied, “Dude, blog about ‘the art of holding a CPU'”.

I do hope he does that because some nutcases really need to have some practicality shoved into their cerebellums or whatever… (I stopped Bio from my tenth grade). It really was a horrible design and completely un-hold-able!!!!


2 thoughts on “The art of holding a CPU.

  1. ha ha, i had no problems holding the CPU, mouse and the keyboard together….
    all you need is the proper ‘technique’ 🙂

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