When the water is agitated…

The calm and pure water that lies clear and beautiful,  becomes a chaos when disturbed from its restful slumber by a force unknown. Be it stone or be it something else of nature, the ripples made once take quite a time to die down…

Our minds are like water…


The rotation wire cutter.

What is the world coming to when people don’t have any respect for public property?

Okay, there is this fan that rotates (the table fan kinda thing, the only difference being that its on the wall) in front of the class above the blackboard. It is supposed to cool the first two benchers of the first two rows while entering the class. However, due to an unfortunate turn of events, some nasty, putrid scallawagger cut the two pull-a-chords of the fan. One was for speed. Alright, let it be because you can get on the table and use the speed regulator on the fan. But what about the rotation chord??? Why did that bugglyjopper have to cut that?? Idiot. Now the fan can face only one way and the sun isn’t showing any mercy.

Our and our neighboring benchers even got on a small fight over the matter of who deserves the fan more. At last compromises like “one day for you and one day for us” were reached. But its bull. The heat really is unbearable.

I still marvel at that squishgumper who cut that rotation wires…

Shalin Jain.

The inaugural programme of Abacus. He came and delivered the stunning talk on entrepreneurship at our college, NSSCE Palakkad. We have someone to look upto. Nice and calm guy with a lot of tastes. Hope his first trip to Kerala was unforgettable! 😀

The art of holding a CPU.

Today at first, my friend ponnappan AKA Sharat and me brought down the CPU, keyboard, mouse, power cable and  the projector, UPS, respectively, to class. (Feel free to comment on my unusual sentence constructions). He managed to hold onto the CPU as one holds on to their dear life sometimes..

After its use, me and one of my other friends, Manu, decided to put it back. On the way. he wasn’t much impressed by the construction of the CPU… He said, “How do you hold this stupid thing??”. I replied, “Dude, blog about ‘the art of holding a CPU'”.

I do hope he does that because some nutcases really need to have some practicality shoved into their cerebellums or whatever… (I stopped Bio from my tenth grade). It really was a horrible design and completely un-hold-able!!!!


Having GSoC to spend time on, having LR(1) parser table filling algorithm to study to take seminar on , having ES and DBMS assignments to write, having my mini project in front of me, I’m having fun with my blog!!!! Guys, don’t go for the definition of procrastination to Oxford diary. Just come over here.:D But I must say it is much more fun than having a facebook or orkut account.:)

Guide not happy.

Since I gave the GloMoSim back to the guy who gave it to me, he was not happy. Now I don’t know what our project’s future is going to be. But to go with what you love is better than to go with something you have to force yourself to like. And also, even he hasn’t got much idea about it. So if we get stuck somewhere in the middle, that’s it.

Anyway, we did submit our abstract yesterday. A short one. I need to do more research on it. I’m not able to answer to his questions well enough. So I’m on it.